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Our Winners

Congratulations to our winners for the month of November 2010: Mem and matcaley and SCUBILLO

Congratulations to our winners for the month of October 2010: Apax and ecristan and Philou

Congratulations to our winners for the month of September 2010: cdatler and mallen and MikeD

Top 10 Stories this Year

A-mazing L-ights E-mittion X-perience A-quired F-antastic L-uminescence U-tterly OR miraculously useful!! A suntan lotion with Alexafluor would make you multicolour under sun!
by Apax


Cell love story
I hope to be born in the cytoplasm, turn on a bright A532 light for sightseeing the Alexa rainbow and wait for my FRET of love. I'm eager to enjoy together the romantic Alexa fireworks of the cell.
by Fedex


AlexaFluor dyes turn your lab in a sunny beach!
... even if it's grey and dull outside, your day in the lab will be like "great!"...sit down, relax, admire your samples... better than the most beautiful sunset on a Greek island!
by ecristan


Remember the yellow: a limerick
When I can stain with Alexa Fluor, My work is never a mundane chore; Orange, red, green and blue, Don't forget 5-3-2! Emission colours that I adore!
by ppaul


Contact Lenses
Tired of changing contact lenses every month? Choose your colour from Alexa range and use the brand new tear drops to change the eye colour to what you fancy.Make your sparkling eyes unresistable!
by Apax


And then the light came...
My story is the best. I just used it and it worked!!. -Simple? Yes. -Adequate? Yes. -Surprised? Not with alexafluor They always give you the light at the end of the tunnel !
by almm


Alexa Fluor hairspray!
Why use normal hairspray when you can fluroescently label your hair?! Be the envy of your friends and colleagues! If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for a rainbow dye effect!
by Whiskers


Research is not frustrated anymore with AlexaFluor
In the gloomy and dark confocal room, AlexaFluor sheds beautiful colour into my vision, suddenly, the world is all brightened up and beautiful. AlexaFluor with its excel stain brings smile on my face!
by ray629


brighter smile
Can't someone develop AlexaFluors for toothpaste - if my teeth were sparkling bright as my confocal microscopy stainings with all the Alexas, I would not have to worry about my next date...... ;)
by cdatler


Stars scenery
Alexa Fluor Antibodies: Colourful variety, specificity, stability and brightness; powerful tools to understand clearly cellular phenomena under the microscopy. Impressive scenery cause a natural smile


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About the Competition

How does it work?
As soon as you sign up for Alexa Fluor® World you can visit the competition area and create your own cell story, letting us know how you would use Alexa Fluor® to make your research dreams come true. The more obscure your idea the better, it doesn't have to be realistic. Just as long as you tell us how you would use the key benefits of Alexa Fluor® to help you achieve your dream.

You can enter as many times as you like and invite your friends to join in too – the most inspirational ideas will win fantastic prizes. And YOU get to choose who the winners are!

There are plenty of opportunities for you to win great prizes! 3 prizes will be awarded every single month for the best entries and an overall winner will be chosen by YOUR VOTES at the end of 2010.

How do I vote?
When you enter Zone, you'll notice that each entry 'cell' has a 'vote for me' button. So when you find your favourite entry, you can just click on that button to have your vote counted. Check out the leaderboard on each page to see who's in the lead!

How are the winners chosen?

3 monthly prizes...
Every single month until the end of 2010 the best 3 entries on Alexa Fluor® World will be decided through a combination of YOUR VOTES and out votes. We'll award prizes to the best 3 entries on Alexa Fluor® World. These winners will be decided through a combination of YOUR VOTES and our votes.

So, the top 10 stories each month are decided by who has received the most votes from you. And of these 10, we'll look out for the best 3 entries to get the prizes.

Overall winner...
The overall Alexa Fluor® World winner will be voted entirely by participant votes and awarded at the end of 2010! You'll be able to check out the leaderboard any time you like to keep track of who's in the lead and see your vote being counted.

Tell me about the prizes!
Every month, the top 3 stories will win a digital camera! ...and the overall competition winner will receive an Apple® iPad!

About Alexa Fluor®

Alexa Fluor® dyes – bright, photostable fluorescent dyes from Molecular Probes for your research needs

Over 20,000 peer review articles have been published around the globe over the last 11 years, verifying the genuine performance abilities of Alexa Fluor. So if you think your current approach to fluorescent cell imaging is doing the trick, you might just need to take another look! Scientists around the world have been trusting Alexa Fluor®for years to deliver the highest quality results that they expect. Isn't it time that you joined them?

And despite what you might think, this is a premium product without the premium price tag! With greater efficiency than alternative, out-dated brands, your Alexa Fluor®dyes will deliver exceptional results while actually saving you money.

But what makes Alexa Fluor®different...?

A fluorescence that saves you money...
Brighter conjugates mean you can use less and make your reagents go further, ultimately saving you money.

Exceptional quality that reflects on you...
The exceptional standard of the Alexa Fluor®product means higher signal to noise, for the production of quality images and data.

Photostability that buys you time...
Photostability provides you with more working time and flexibility to capture your images and data.

A reputation that precedes itself...
Alexa Fluor®is tested and proven across the research community. Tens of thousands of references support our reputation for excellence;

See over 21,000 peer-reviewed articles

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